Hearing protection for music fans


Concerts, festivals, open airs and clubs are like your living room. You love music at every second: clear, honest and direct. Every nuance, every detail in the song is something special for you. That’s exactly why we have developed this hearing protection:

The SOWEI UNLIMITED is the ideal hearing protection for music lovers. Precise customisation and special filter technology allow you to enjoy your music just as it is. Clear and unadulterated sound experience from the sub-basses to the highs. This is made possible by the special Hörluchs HLM filters with linear dampening over the entire frequency range. You can understand speech perfectly while your hearing is protected.

This hearing protection is made to fit exactly according to the impression of your ears. The SOWEI UNLIMITED is made of 100% 3D soft silicone. It fits perfectly in every situation – no matter if you are dancing in the crowd or giving 100% with your band on stage.

  • For concert fans, festival visitors, clubbers, musicians and DJs
  • Perfectly tailored to your ear
  • Pleasant wearing comfort through silicone
  • Choose your favourite from 5 changeable filters
  • Ideal sound experience due to linear insulation
  • 14 different colours available
  • Optional with handle and carrying strap
  • Price per pair: 220,00 € RRP incl. VAT



The Hörluchs SOWEI UNLIMITED was developed especially for music. From drummers to ensemble members: the hearing protection is an enrichment for every ear. You can enjoy the music as it is, as a concert visitor, festival person or as a security staff member. On the dance floor, at the bar or behind the DJ desk in the club, you can have a normal conversation without making compromises in sound. Sound engineers, light jockeys and stage technicians are well protected in front and behind the stage.

Choose your favorite color

14 Styles

You like classic black? Or are you more the flashy type? Do you like the discreet look in neutral beige? Or do you like to glow in the dark? Add your personal touch to SOWEI UNLIMITED and choose from 14 different colours: White, black, beige, transparent, red, blue, orange, neon, fuchsia, green, purple, yellow, pink and fluorescent yellow. You can even mix a maximum of 2 colours in marble style. This gives you 105 possible colour combinations.

The Hörluchs HLM-Filter

Linear perfection

Depending on your taste, you can choose one of 5 linear HLM filters – exactly as to your needs. The filters can be changed at any time. They are robust, easy to swap and durable. Unlike similar filters from other manufacturers, you can clean them easily with water and mild soap. This means they do not have a fixed replacement interval.

  • Linear damping over the entire frequency range
  • Outstanding voice response due to flat attenuation curve
  • Individually adaptable hearing protection with exchangeable filters
  • Optimal ventilation of the ear tissue through large filter cross section
  • You can easily clean the filter with mild soap and water


Damping (SNR): 30 dB***

Colour: Grey*

30 dB
Gehörschutz Baumusterprüfung


Damping (SNR): 25 dB

Colour: Black*

25 dB
Gehörschutz Baumusterprüfung


Damping (SNR): 20 dB

Colour: White*

20 dB
Gehörschutz Baumusterprüfung


Damping (SNR): 15 dB

Colour: Blue*

15 dB
Gehörschutz Baumusterprüfung


Damping (SNR): 10 dB

Colour: Green*

10 dB

Hearing protection in comparison

Your advantages

The The Hörluchs SOWEI UNLIMITED is optimally adapted to your ear. An exact impression of your ear canal is made. It consists of soft 3D Soft Silicone. This makes it unobtrusive and very comfortable. It offers you a number of advantages over unsuitable hearing protection. hearing aid is optimally adapted to your ear. An exact impression of your ear canal is made. It consists of soft 3D Soft Silicone. This makes it unobtrusive and very comfortable. It offers you a number of advantages over unsuitable hearing protection.

  • Discrete look
  • Comfortable and ideal fit through tailored fit
  • Optimum linear insulation over the entire frequency range
  • Very long durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Very good communication ability
  • Approved for private use and the noisy workplace**
  • Filter can be changed for different purposes
  • Remarkable
  • Uncomfortable fit
  • Non-linear damping
  • Limited reusability
  • Cleaning hardly possible
  • Poor communication capability
  • Not approved for use in noisy workplaces
  • Always the same dampening

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For your custom-fit SOWEI UNLIMITED hearing protection, you need an impression of your ear. You can have this impression taken at one of our more than 2,900 partner dealers near you. You can then place your order with our partner directly on site. Find a Hörluchs partner near you now!

* Symbol illustrations, all filters are delivered in grey
** Comfort filter without PSA approval
***HLM30: Full-block filter element. Only recommended for extremely loud environments. Restricted linearity