The compact HL3 impresses with an ultra-light construction; combined with soft silicone material, it offers outstanding comfort.


The compact HL3 impresses with an ultra-light construction; combined with soft silicone material, it offers outstanding comfort. It stands out with a bass-heavy sound profile. This 2-way headphone with high-definition drivers combines crystal clear highs and clean bass. These are individually customized in-ears that fit perfectly into your ear canal. IMPORTANT: For custom-made In Ears, some things have to be considered in advance. The information can be found under https://hoerluchs-unlimited.com/massanpassung/

The small, ultralight headphones are custom designed and produced from soft silicone. Built of soft, comfortable silicone in a highly modern 3D manufacturing process. This headphone is equipped with a fixed cable, cable outlet on bottom.

Defined integration: All components are optimally integrated into the headphone to deliver perfect sound to your ear.
Super-light, super-compact, super-soft and customized at an excellent price.

Technische Daten

  • Sensitivity at 1 mW: 116 dB SPL
  • Impedance at 1 kHz: 30 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 25 kHz
  • Maximum output: 125 dB SPL
  • Harmonic distortion at 94 dB SPL: 0,1 %
  • Harmonic distortion at 100 dB SPL: 0,3 %


  • high quality packaging
  • fabric bag for easy transport
  • cable according to article description
  • filters for wax protection
  • warranty card
  • user information


This sonic signature focuses on the bass range for a spectacular, intensive and emotional dynamic experience. Bass sets the tone here, without suppressing clear highs and mid-range sounds. Whether it's R&B, hip hop or electronic, the beats dominate here. Bass driver performance is boosted, allowing you to perceive force without it being dominant. Do you play bass, are you a DJ, do you love your beat maker, or do you love to let it all hang out on the drums? Then this could be the sound signature where you feel most at home.


Crystal clear highs meet clean bass from two corresponding high-definition drivers in the Hörluchs 2-way in-ears. Linear frequency transmission presents perfectly outstanding resolution. The 2-way driver option allows you to hear the music exactly as it was produced – with optimal balance. Do you rather love forceful and precise bass? Then choose our bass-heavy 2-way sound design.

custom fit

Do you want outstanding precision fit, unmatched perfect comfort, and totally unique headphones? Then choose our individually customized in-ears. First, we make an exact impression of your ear canal. We then use that impression to produce your headphones via a combination of digital 3D technology and detailed manual craftsmanship. The result is a headphone custom made for you that only fits your ears. Stealing headphones like these makes no sense; yours are the only ears they fit. We can produce your headphones in biocompatible photopolymer materials if requested. This material is similar to acrylic, providing a maximum insulation value of 32 dB. We can also build your in-ears of biocompatible, soft silicone with a maximum insulation value of 35 dB. We can design and manufacture both materials in different colors, shapes and looks for you. Thanks to the broad range of decorations and finishes available, your own imagination truly is the limit for your customized in-ear headphones.

fixed cable outlet bottom

Our cables make no compromises when it comes to quality. This professional cable is a popular choice thanks to its high quality and rugged design with Kevlar reinforcement. In the “bottom” version selected here, you guide the cable directly down and to the front over the neck. The cable option selected here is permanently attached to the headphones and is not easily exchangeable. If you need to be able to exchange your cable, please select headphones with a 2-pin connection (HL1, HL4, HL5 or HL7).