custom fit

Do you want outstanding precision fit, unmatched perfect comfort, and totally unique headphones? Then choose our individually customized in-ears. First, we make an exact impression of your ear canal. We then use that impression to produce your headphones via a combination of digital 3D technology and detailed manual craftsmanship. The result is a headphone custom made for you that only fits your ears. Stealing headphones like these makes no sense; yours are the only ears they fit. We can produce your headphones in biocompatible photopolymer materials if requested. This material is similar to acrylic, providing a maximum insulation value of 32 dB. We can also build your in-ears of biocompatible, soft silicone with a maximum insulation value of 35 dB. We can design and manufacture both materials in different colors, shapes and looks for you. Thanks to the broad range of decorations and finishes available, your own imagination truly is the limit for your customized in-ear headphones.

These are individually customized in-ears that fit perfectly into your ear canal. IMPORTANT: For custom-made In Ears, some things have to be considered in advance. The information can be found under