The HL4 combines absolutely top technology and professional sound design. Our standard in-ear series for sound professionals and lovers of uncompromising sound quality.


The HL4 combines absolutely top technology and professional sound design. Our standard in-ear series for sound professionals and lovers of uncompromising sound quality. It impresses with a balanced sound profile. The installed 1-way balance armature drivers create an extremely balanced sound.

These are in-ears with standard ear attachments, equipped with optimal fitting domes in different sizes. The acrylic-like material looks like highly polished glass: crystal clear, brilliant, and always eye-catching.

Matte is totally in, even for in-ears. With this option, you’ll have a guaranteed cool factor and be totally on-trend. These professional headphones are produced in a universal design from acrylic-like LPH, and delivered with matching domes. Built of perfect-fitting photopolymer (acrylic-like synthetic material). This headphone has a 2-pin headset cable, and can be equipped with the Hörluchs wireless option and other cable types upon request.

Defined integration: All components are optimally integrated into the headphone to deliver perfect sound to your ear.
The Hörluchs professional series. High-end technology for anyone in front of, on, or behind the stage. For professionals and sound fanatics. Excellent technology at a fair price.

Technical data

  • Sensitivity at 1 mW: 118 dB SPL
  • Impedance at 1 kHz: 22 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Maximum output: 127 dB SPL
  • Harmonic distortion at 94 dB SPL: 0,2 %
  • Harmonic distortion at 100 dB SPL: 0,2 %


  • high quality packaging
  • ear plugs silicone: 2xS, 2xM, 2xL
  • ear plugs memory foam: 2xS, 2xM, 2xL
  • fabric bag for easy transport
  • cable according to article description
  • filters for wax protection
  • warranty card
  • user information


Enjoy a balanced sonic signature across the entire frequency range. All drivers have been synchronized precisely, carefully, and harmoniously. This creates an incredibly balanced sound. True-to-life reproduction and accurate balance of all sound frequencies creates an almost perfectly linear musical experience without parallel. If you're looking for a sound that cleanly covers all ranges without any losses in quality or emotion, then our balanced sonic signature is just the right choice! Balanced can be the right choice for speakers, gamers, moderators and the recording studio.


In the Hörluchs 1-way system, a balanced armature driver combines a slight bass boost with extremely clear high-frequency reproduction and slightly scooped mids. This sophisticated combination of high tech and perfect sound design creates an especially balanced sound. Each tone is right where it belongs. A headphone with 1-way driver technology can be the perfect first step to get you started in the world of professional in-ears.

universal design

Hörluchs’ many years of experience in the medical field pays off for you. Our audiologists and sound designers have used our broad experience with the ear, hearing, and thousands of ear impressions, our extensive knowledge of acoustic behavior and the endless variation of the human ear canal to develop the perfect universal in-ear headphones for you. Our in-ears are designed to fit perfectly inside your ear, similar to a customized earmold. You will receive these headphones with matching earmolds called domes. These are made of smart memory foam or a soft silicone. Each available in three sizes, domes ensure your headphones fit securely and create a seal with your ear.

2-pin headset cable

Our 2-pin headset cable is the perfect, compact, ultra-light and innovative solution for anyone who wants brilliant sound and the ability to communicate: Gamers, speakers, and moderators. Whether you’re hunting for aliens with your team members, need to moderate a meeting or give a presentation, or work in a call center, our headset is the perfect, discreet helper you need. We developed this headset for you. And by “we,” we mean not only our audiologists and sound designers, but also professional gamers and musicians too. With the 2-pin variation selected here, you can replace the cable with any other 2-pin cable from Hörluchs. We offer professional cables and a wireless option as well.