In the HL7 series, innovative technology meets high-quality design, perfect sound quality and highest wearing comfort. You can design your HL7 yourself: Surface design, color and sound will be designed according to your unique ideas.

Precious metals, wood, carbon or individual ideas – everything is posibble. Built in state-of-the-art 3D production using a smooth and perfectly fitting photopolymer, these custom-fit in-ears leave nothing to be desired and ensure you to be the optical highlight.

We also offer you the option to integrate pictures, logos and even individual jewelry ideas into the surface design. We develop these individual solutions together with you on request

Individual Design

made by Hörluchs

Sound signature

  • Balanced, bass enhanced, Bass Boost and HiFi.

Cable options

  • 2-Pin exchangable cable up.
  • 2-Pin Headset cable option.


  • 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-way drivers


  • 3D TEC LPH


You can buy the HL7 series in monochrome design with the cool Hörluchs logo. But you can also enhance it with surface design and make it your unique In-Ear, according to your taste and your feeling.

Precious Metals

Also with gold, silver and copper.