In this application, personal taste, stage design, and the artist’s technical needs are important factors.

Do you tend to play on smaller stages? Do you perform occasionally, because performing is your hobby or your passion? Then we recommend the HL1210 or HL1200 from the HL1 series. Do you need something more sophisticated, more eye-catching, or better technical quality? Then the customized HL7100 is sure to fit your needs.

Are you a semi-professional artist with high demands for the quality and technology of your in-ears? Then we recommend you choose a customized in-ear. We recommend the HL5210 made of acrylic-like LPH, or the HL6224 made of silicone. Want to turn heads? Then try the HL7410, with custom design options.

Of course, we also have a recommendation for top professionals. If you need quality without compromise and perfect performance, you need customized in-ears. We recommend the HL5410 made of acrylic-like LPH, the silicone HL6404, or the individually customizable HL7410.