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Hörluchs is a professional otoplastics laboratory with modern, Europe-wide 3D production facilities and the headquarters in Hersbruck. The research and development of custom-made ear moulds, hearing protectors, in-ear monitors and hearing aids are the company’s commercial focus. Audiologists, hearing-device specialists and technicians with extensive experience, know-how and passion for detail work on the corporate philosophy of a perfect symbiosis between man and technology.

Hörluchs is an otoplastics laboratory with Europe-wide unique modern 3D production equipment and is located in Hersbruck. The research and development of custom-made otoplastics, hearing protection, professional in-ears and hearing systems are the focus of the company’s business orientation. Audiologists, acousticians and engineers work with experience, know-how and passion for every detail.

Hörluchs is regarded as an innovative motor of the industry and has already been awarded numerous prizes.

As a medium-sized, owner-managed company, Hörluchs is at home in the region as well as nationwide and internationally. In its three divisions, the family business from Hersbruck successfully focuses on passion, innovation and sustainability.

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