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Hörluchs Monitoring In-ears

Sound unlimited

Unlimited sound requires ambitious monitoring. With our unique selection of monitoring in-ears, we deliver individual listening pleasure and outstanding comfort. Our technical features and state-of-the-art 3D manufacturing open up unlimited sound worlds for you. Perfection in every detail, that’s what we stand for. Developed with audiologists, acousticians, musicians and gamers.

Hörluchs is THE expert in Germany when it comes to fitted monitoring in-ears and hearing protection. Our many years of experience in design, production and fitting of individual products meets the expertise of 1,200 custom-made parts per day. We develop and produce our custom in-ears in Hersbruck near Nuremberg in Franconia and stand by “Made in Germany”. Custom in-ear headphones for musicians, gamers and athletes from Hörluchs.

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In order for us to make your custom in-ears perfectly adapted to your ear, we need impressions of your ears. How this works and how we make your custom in-ears in many individual steps, you can see here.